Flint Family Literacy

The Flint Family Literacy Initiative is a unique, evidence-based model, which plays a key role in ensuring parents are improving their own literacy skills, engaging with their children’s education, and participating in literacy-related activities at home. Developed in partnership with the National Center For Families Learning, Flint Family Literacy not only strengthens the literacy of the family unit, but helps to strengthen the economy, civic engagement, and the education system of the Flint and Genesee County community.

A Multi-Tiered System of Support

Two-Generational Approaches: defined broadly by the Ascend Network at the Aspen Institute as approaches that focus on creating opportunities for and addressing the needs of both vulnerable children and their parents together.

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Flint Family Literacy Implementation Model: is a two-generational approach following the National Center for Families Learning four-component framework, which includes the following components:

  1. Adult/Workforce Education -- Parent/Caregiver literacy training that leads to economic self-sufficiency
  2. Children’s Education -- Developmentally appropriate instruction
  3. Parent Time -- Activities that equip parents to partners with their children in learning
  4. Parent and Child Together -- Interactive literacy activities between partners and their children.

Our Partner Sites

In the Fall of 2015, FGLN launched its first Family Literacy pilot program that followed the guidelines identified by National Center for Families Learning. FGLN now has nine organizations engaged to support children and families as Flint Family Literacy sites.

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Our Impact

The Flint & Genesee literacy Network examines the impact of our Collaborative Strategies through performance measures that seek to address the following three Results-Based questions: How Much did we do? How Well did we do it? Is anyone Better Off? Through highly structured levels of collaboration and disciplined data-driven processes our Flint Family Literacy Sites are activity reporting performance to measure the impact of our work.

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