2 Generation Framework

2Gen Approach

Two Generations, One Future


The Flint & Genesee Literacy Network is a proud member of the Aspen Institute's National ASCEND Network/2Gen Learning Community!

What is the 2Gen Approach

Two-generation approaches provide opportunities for and address the needs of vulnerable children and the adults in their lives together. The approach recognizes that families come in all different shapes and sizes and that families define themselves. Fragmented approaches that address the needs of children and their parents separately leave either the child or parent behind. When we serve children and their parents together as whole families, as shown in the Ascend Networks Two-Generation Continuum, we see results far greater than the sum of their parts! 

Ascend Network: Two-Generation Continuum

Who should use the 2Gen approach?

Programs, agencies, and service systems using 2-Generational approaches believe that 2Gen puts the entire family on a pathway to permanent economic security. 2Gen opportunities can be identified and developed through programs, policies, and research at all levels -- local, state, and federal.  Two-generation approaches can be found along a continuum. 

What are the Core Components 2Gen Approaches?

We believe that education, economic supports, social capital, and health and well-being are the core components that create an intergenerational cycle of opportunity. 2Gen allows our partners to recognize that quality early education for children and postsecondary education for parents are central to approaches that move the whole family toward economic security. The following five principles should be embedded in two-generational  programs, policies, and strategies:

1. Measure and account for outcomes for both children and their parents.

2. Engage and listen to the voices of families.

3. Ensure equity.

4. Foster innovation and evidence together.

5. Align and link systems and funding streams.

How can we support you?

At the Flint & Genesee Literacy Network we have experienced consultants and staff that provide targeted capacity building to partners looking to meet the needs of vulnerable children and their parents together by offering the following supports in:

  • 2Gen Program Development
  • Training on 2Gen Approaches
  • Strategic Guidance & Technical Assistance

Contact us to learn more about how FGLN can support your organization or program in embedding 2Gen approaches and practices that support our collective impact!

Capacity Builders

Danielle Brown, Director of Programs
Qiana Dawson, Family Literacy Consultant
Joe Ann Campbell, Adult Learning Consultant