FGLN Seeking Proposals for Collective Impact Data Consultant

Date(s) - 04/01/2021 - 04/25/2021
All Day

FGLN is accepting proposals for Collective Impact Data Consultant.

Download RFP pdf for Collective Impact Data Consultant

The Collective Impact Data Consultant will provide services related to the Flint & Genesee Literacy Networks Collective Impact framework, which aims to ensure Genesee County children enter kindergarten ready to learn, students succeed in school and are prepared for postsecondary education, and adults are gainfully employed. Proposed services require knowledge and facilitation of stakeholders related to Collective Impact, ResultsBased Accountability™, rootcause analysis, and problem solving to increase the effectiveness of their collaborations in achieving shared goals.

All responses need to include information detailing how the respondent will provide services as outlined, including:

  1. The development and facilitation of the Networks continuous qualityimprovement processes by engaging partners in strategic planning and problemsolving activities based on program data and current implementation challenges. This includes ensuring the effective facilitation of continuous qualityimprovement meetings; the development of shared action plans that include common measurements to inform continuous improvement; providing regular reports on team progress against goals and measurements; and facilitating communication between peerlearning teams by hosting regular conference calls, inperson meetings, or coordinating regular email updates to ensure alignment of activity.
  2. The collection, analysis, and reporting of data that can be used to glean relevant insights for partners and other local audiences, including conducting a regular inventory of the existing data landscapeincluding sources, accessible data, and major gapsand creating a plan to collect all data needed for the success of the Network.
  3. The development of datasharing agreements with relevant partners, facilitating data collection, and coordinating access to data for stakeholders in clear and visually appealing methods that can be used for strategic decisionmaking.

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