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Steering Committee

Our Steering Committee is comprised of cross-sector community partners representative of the relevant ecosystem that provides strategic direction for the Flint & Genesee Literacy Network and champions its work.   

Marjory Raymer - Chair
Publisher & Managing Editor
Flintside Magazine


Kathi Horton
Past FGLN Steering Committee Chair


Jennifer Acree
Associate Program Officer
C.S. Mott Foundation


Mary Behm

Assistant Superintendent, Education & Learning

Genesee Intermediate School District


Jim Carney
Flint Community President
Chemical Bank

Kerry Downs

Director of Special Projects

Crim Fitness Foundation


Vicki Johnson-Lawrence

Project Director

Flint ReCAST


Kristina Johnston

Group Vice President

Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce


Mary Lorah-Hammond

Grants & Program Administrator

GST Michigan Works!


Robert Matthews
Associate Vice President of Workforce Development
Mott Community College

Isaiah Oliver

Community Foundation of Greater Flint


Kay Schwartz
Flint Public Library


Todd Slisher
Sloan Executive Director – Sloan*Longway
Interim COO – Flint Cultural Center Corporation


Denise Smith

Executive Director

Flint Early Promise Partnership


Jamie-Lee Venable
Director of Community Impact
United Way of Genesee County



Joe Ann Campbell

Adult Learning Consultant 

Mrs. Joe Ann Campbell is a committed lifelong learner! Mrs. Campbell served several years as a GED/Adult Education instructor at Genesee Job Corps, in addition to 30 years teaching in Flint Schools before retiring. Mrs. Campbell’s ability to effectively organize resources, plan targeted interventions, and support in-class instructors has become a critical asset in supporting the development of Adult Learning Centers in our community.

Qiana Dawson

Family Literacy Consultant

Mrs. Dawson is the heart of Family Literacy programming! Her professional background and accomplishments have led to her position as an independent contractor for Family Literacy supports. Mrs. Dawson is proficient in facilitating and coordinating activities for each of NCFL’s Family Literacy components; with additional experience in lesson planning; developing and implementing programs; and working with executives to meet various program deadlines.

Melinda Anderson

Adult Learning Consultant   

Ms. Melinda Anderson is a game changer!  A retired teacher who served 44 years in the public school system, Ms. Anderson is the Literacy Consultant at C.O.F.Y. Center New Beginnings Literacy Program, providing tutoring services for adults and children; part of the community outreach ministry of New Jerusalem Full Gospel Baptist Church, Elder Patrick Sanders Senior Pastor. In addition to coordinating the efforts at New Beginnings, Ms. Anderson supports the broader coalition by developing free community wide trainings for volunteers and providers, as well as facilitating on site visits and lending expertise to partners interested in advancing adult literacy.

Fiscal Sponsor

Initiated by former Mott Community College President, Richard Shaink, a work-group of community organizations was formed to bring awareness to the basic skills crisis in the Flint area. Dr. Richard Shaink, President of Mott Community College, had become increasingly concerned that many high school graduates were beginning postsecondary education not fully literate. As part of the Achieving the Dream initiative, a national program designed to help community college students pursue their dreams, Dr. Shaink, and his team disaggregated local data and convened community leaders to discuss literacy work in Genesee County, including the libraries, the school system, a local literacy coalition and the foundation. A Literacy summit was convened, which raised the profile of literacy efforts in Flint, and began conversations in earnest with the United Way of Genesee County, the C.S. Mott Foundation, and the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

The Flint & Genesee Literacy Network is proud of our ongoing partnership with our Fiscal Sponsor, Mott Community College.

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Together, FGLN and its Partners are focusing on building the strengths of community organizations, as well as ensuring that individuals in need of improved literacy skills have access to sufficient and appropriate information and resources. The coalition is designed to serve Flint and Genesee County’s most vulnerable learners, across their lifespan. This development of strategic and accountable partnerships is critical to achieving Collective Impact.

All FGLN Partners serve in distinct roles within the Coalition. These roles are defined and outlined below:

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